Future Bio Lab

Future Bio Lab Installation

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Audio co-written with Marina Kukso:

Algae experiment

Ebola experiment

Climate experiment

Phage experiment

Heart experiment

Age experiment

Future Bio Lab Installation
Future Bio Lab Installation

For the Future Cities Exhibit I am creating an Open Bio Lab of the Future, with interactive Experiments and robotic virus sculptures. My intention is to explore possibilities in cutting edge Biology and bring people’s awareness to them. In the future we may see more open community labs where citizen scientists can access the tools and training they need to experiment and invent. Participants can play with the light activated virus models, and listen to the stories of citizen scientists as they explain their work. Starting with a real Scientific inquiry in the present but extrapolating that many years into the future such as a story about “How we developed a cure for the worldwide Ebola outbreak of 2014,” or “How we synthesized the elixir of eternal youth and related complications” or “How we treat cancer now using a common virus” Since the laws have changed by 2025, we can share some budding scientists’ explorations with cloning and stem cells… – See more at: http://www.iftf.org/future-now/article-detail/announcing-open-city-art-city-featured-artists/#sthash.GhPyPbo6.dpuf